To really understand the corruption of the Danish state these days, one has to see how the mechanisms work. We have had a bit of a revelation of the corrupt system when the PET or local STASI actually held a small islamistfest on the 11/9. Because one thing is the participation of the secret police another thing is the endorsement of the politicians.

The fest was actually programmed like this:

The minister of integration, a socialdemocrat would, along with the secret police and the local integration mayor host the meeting. That is, at the outset it was planned as a highlevel show, not only of the police, but also of the political administration. The insult was therefore not intended just by the police, but, with the attendance of the highest office of Denmark, a minister, as a fullblown official statement, supporting the Iranian Mullahs, the Pakistani islamists and the local islamist franchise. It was a show of allegiance.

Add to this the persecution of most critical voices critizising the allegiance between islamists and the government. That is not just public debate, but the use of secret police, courts and other means to silence the critizisers of Islam, we have a semi islamist state on our hands.

So, next time Barack Obama has the honour as to meet our coldblooded primeminister. He should know, that she did all she could to ruin his reelection campaign. The persecution she ordered to initiate and pull through against my humble person, was put in motion at exactly the time I was supposed to concentrate on the American election strategy. She ruined most of my concentration.

She is cold as ice, a puppet squeeking when the puppetmasters tells her. No idealism, no sense of justice, very little at least. She put the hounds out to get me, they almost did.

But I still stand.

G-d bless the free and the bold

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