Umin and Thummin

To understand the progression of the jewish state, we need to adress the institutions we need to erect to make the state whole again. An institution I believe we should reinitiate is the jewish oracles Umin and Thummin. A greater part of the prophesies we still believe in today was created by Umin and Thummin. You can see it, or rather hear it in the tone of voice of the prophesies. The apocalyptic ideas, the worldspanning quests cannot just derive from a small individual, or a prophet it must have come from an institution. That institution was in the center of the first temple.

Now, we do not know whether we are allowed to raise the third temple, but we do know, that in order to be as succesful as possible we need to gain ground. We have done so, not much, but enough to rest much more in peace than what we did already.

A significant move would be to have another or renewed prophetical institution in Israel.

I can help with this, if Israel allows me to do so, because I have figured out, more or less, what prophesy really is.

Let me explain.

G-d or spirit is a natural power, like gravity or electricity. It surrounds us, and penetrate all matter. When we come to be, we encapsulate a tiny fragment of that power, and introduce it into matter. It is intelligence we get. Because G-d is just that; intelligence that we float around in, and we can both reach in birth and through divination in life.

It happens like this; we connect to a layer of intelligence just beyond our reach when we pray or divine. We pray for guidance and ideas as to how we should live our lifes. The nature of the messenger on the other side of the barrier that divides us from G-d can be an angel or guardian angel perhaps, it is difficult to know exactly. But there is something on the other side.

Divining is to communicate with that spiritual force getting good advice.

In fact this is what I try to do here at, I try to reach spirit to guide all that may read these words. is one long prayer, this is why it works so good to the ones who are receiving the messages. I do not always know what comes before I write, often something completely different is written than I planned.

The same is the object of the Umin and Thummin institution, two rabbis of the highest order, the most spiritual, intelligent and wise persons should be given instructions as to how divine. The service should be accessible to only the highest government officials in the state as an advisoral board.

Some may laugh at me, but look at, most of the prophesies or the ideas I have had actually work. Is that a coincidence or is it because my theories are sound?

So far none has argued against my proof of G-d, so if this proof works, my ideas about divination would be sound as well.

Remember, people are critical to metaphysics because they feel that the Newtonian science is superior to metaphysics. Well, my ideas are superior to Newtons ideas in terms of historical validity. I base my ideas on Anaxagoras, the founder of atomic physics, and a number of other high quality classic philosophers. They invented the ideas physicists base their understanding on, so the quality of my thinking is just a precise and theoretical as the other physicists. In fact more precise than many of the current ideas of multidimensional worlds and other strange nonsense.

I will look forward to meet the kabbalist in the meeting in the middle of november, perhaps we can discuss the issue further.

G-d bless us all.

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