American election

When you win, a good sign that it is a just and serious victory, is the fact that it does not feel like you have beaten someone, or crushed someone. If you feel like you have had a serious contest with an able and intelligent adversary, someone you truly respect for his ideals and his fighting style, then it is a good victory. It is a victory that spells of collaboration and cooperation.

I congratulate you both. Barack for winning a reelection of his ideas, and Romney for the bold words of working together crossing the aisle to rebuild, to put away all the antagonistic feelings and start the healing process.

Mitt, if I may call you that. Listen, there is nothing wrong with your ideas, on the contrary, they are sound and the best what could happen to the Republicans. Conservatism is about the principles of faith. As a man of faith, you are in the best position to turn around the party and give them new inspiration, it is easy, just follow your own heart, and you have a path.

Joe Biden. According to my prophesy book, you are the next president after Barack. This does not include a sure winning, but it does point to your strengths. You have a good chance in the next election.

Finally Barack Obama. You know, from the outset of the journey we have made, from the first tactical decisions in the Libya war, over all the fighting in the election, every time I saw that burdened look in your eyes, I truly tried to give you all that love and hugging I could. We did win another victory. But, there are so many difficulties to overcome yet. If I avoid to be put on the cross here in Denmark, I will be at your side, for no money, for no profit in terms of honour and attention, just to save my home, your home and the bright dreams of our kids .

G-d bless America, and all who believe in love and spirit.

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