Europe and Africa

The world is both like an oyster and on a path to hell. At one end, we have all the possibilities of a new world. At the other hand, we have the hell that is upon us with Islamic State. It is like an endless void blistering with light. Finding those lights, and navigating the sea is what will get us to those lights and shed the fear and the problems of the darkness and the endless sucking material seductive apocalypse.

Talking about apocalypse. Let me please present you with my ideas of solving of the current migration crisis in Europe.

First of all, we need to see this challenge in an international light. We know, that Africa is confronted with some of the same challenges that Europe is confronted with. And though Africa thinks we do not see them, please reconsider. We do; we are listening to the Copts and the Assyrians and though Africa has truly fundamental differences, we are also very much on the same boat.

What Africa confronts right now, is islamic extremism. We have seen it in many of the middle african countries. Scourges of the earth as Boko Haram are giving war to african countries, and we have helped.

The same development is seen in Europe. A few days ago heroic americans fought down an islamic terrorist in France. So it is the same problem just on different continents. But as we are much stronger militarily in Europe, sometimes africans need our help. We help, and we are making friends in the process. Because of all the friends the Africans may have, the Europeans are the most likely to come to aid, because we are sharing challenges. But, this also includes a less harsh treatment of the European descendants in Africa. We cannot continue the ethnic cleansing of European farmers in Africa, not if we are to stand in unison against the islamists.

Talking about Europe, we are facing a dilemma. At one hand, we need to be humane towards the refugees and immigrants that seek shelter in Europe, at the other hand, we need to tackle the extremist who are among the immigrants. It is a dilemma.

In a dilemma, we need to think things through to find a solution. Not doing anything is a huge problem, because we will end up being swallowed by islamist fighters. Shoving all migrants into boats and the sinking the boats as the European Union is doing now, is simply inhumane.

So here is the solution.

We need to make a better opportunity for the refugees than coming to Europe. How do we do that? We make nations of ethnic groups in the Middle East, and help the people where they are. These nations would include an educational program, free health service and a government run by the European nations in unison with the given ethic group. The nations should be paid for by Europe, but run not by Europeans alone, but in collaboration with say; Yazidi, Christian Assyrians, or other religious or ethnic groups. In this way refugees will find shelter, education and medication close to their original homeland. When the war is over, they can go back and use all their new learned skills to rebuild their country. In this way we make sure, that there is not a brain drain of the country in war, and we avoid the cultural clashes that we have in Europa already.

In effect it will solve the crisis.

I am already working on some of these ideas, and have contacted the politicians in Denmark, if we can work together with other countries we could do this together.

Then there is the problem of Schengen. It does not work, and we have to realize this. It is as simple as that.

There are a lot of immigrants who come from countries that is not at war and peaceful enough. We have no moral obligations to them. So, as a matter of fact, they can off cause visit us as tourists, but they have to make a living in their own countries. If they refuse to go back to their own countries, it is a serious matter for the authorities.

So we have a three handed strategy to tackle the problems. First we take care of refugees from countries in need. Make them a new home in the vicinity of their old. Secondly we politely ask the migrants coming from a country with no war to go back if they have no visa, or send them back if they are here illegally. Thirdly, we fight the islamists that are here already.

In this way, we can, slowly defuse the crisis, and start getting back to a less conflict ridden existence, where we have a bit more energy to tackle all the rest of the problems we are facing.

G-d bless the willingness to be fair and honest in a difficult situation.

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