Finding a middle leaning path

I think, that the current development within the UK is quite good. You can see it by the quietness, when the brits gets annoyed, they make a lot of fuss.

As it is, they are content, this means, that they would like to keep things as they are.

Mr. Cameron had this amazing cool, that mr. Sunak has a bit of the same of.

One thing though, I think is important, is the fact, that we still need to reach across the aisle. Sleeping in the laurels is a very dangerous thing. I have worked quite a lot on the green energy sector. Maersk, the leading danish company have bought my ideas on developing green alternatives to the current use of fossil fuels. We are working on shipment on ‘hybrid’ boats, that sport both an engine that run on fossile fuel and an engine, that run on renewable or sustainable fuel called methanol.

Getting involved in some of these cool project, could be a way to reach across the aisle, and support the good things from the left. Thereby creating a mid leaning political process.

Maybe ask Maersk if they want to work together, or some other promising project.

It creates that mid leaning agenda, that is very important for the voters.

Yes, there are some strict measures going on, but that does make this government hard core right, it can reach across the aisle.

G-d bless the will, to find solutions in a difficult working environment og politics.

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