The enlighteners

The old aristocratic families of Europe seems to still live in secret, so to say.

This secrecy is a function of the French Revolution, and the consecutive purge of Aristocrats around the world of Europe.

But the enlightened, as they are seen, are actually pretty old fashioned, do gooders, who still believe in king and country.

In these renaissance days, where we are trying to figure out, how to reapply the ideas of the classic era, their role seem to have shifted in a sense. From persecuted, to actually being able to contribute, on their own terms to the international society.

First of all, the idea of enlightenment has to be truly flexed and reflected on, to be done.

One has to remind oneself, that the outset of the ideas of enlightenment is the temple of the sun-g-d Ra, that was the main temple in the ancient world of classical Egypt. It is the rays of the sun, that enlighten the world.

Next, one have to remind oneself, that the light is, in the view of the ancient Egyptian priest the TRUTH.

The truth and the light is the same.

So when you talk about enlightenment, you talk about shedding truth in the world. Something that is the very basis of academia and journalism.

In a sense both crafts come from the temple of Heliopolis, academia through Plato, that was an adherent of said temple, as I can deduce. And journalism through the rise of hermetism that was in the vogue in the French and Italian reneaissance. The point is, enlightenment, or ‘the highest enlightenment’ as we say in the newspaper Politiken, is actually an idea that come all the way from ancient Egypt.

However, it is not easy, shining forth with the light in terms of being true and honest, is extremely difficult, the darker the corners, the more difficult. So in a way, the principles are sound, but our application lacks.

I have stood face to face with true abominations, the dark lord.

He is vicious and crafty, so it is a dance between light and darkness, and you need to be honest about these fights.

You also have to have the skill and balls to do it. That is what is the idea behind enlightenment. But g-d knows, it is extremely difficult.

G-d bless the will to be an honest voice in the face of the darkness. But remember, when you stare into the darkness, it stares back, and the greatest risk is, to become like the darkness. You need to keep the flame of light high above your brow.

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