When we think about religion, we, who are monotheistic, have certain basic tenants we believe in. First of all, we believe in G-d. There has been a lot of discussion on the subject, but I think we can safely conclude, that G-d is intelligence, a natural force, that is in between all matter. It is what we come from, and what we return to.

But there are other tenants we believe in, and I have tried to understand the interconnection between these basic ideas of monotheism. First there is G-d and then there is the movement of life. G-d enters the world as life, but life moves.

According to the “founder” of the monotheistic religions, the Egyptian pharao Akhenaten, the main principle of G-d is light. In fact in his understanding light is G-d. This leads to all the reverence we have for the light; enlightenment, the search for truth, rationality, science. But what is really the correlation between light and intelligence. Can both be G-d? I believe, that the one is the source, and the other the energy.

Intelligence is the source of G-d, light is the mover. Aristotle talks about the unmoving mover. Basically I believe, that there is not a unmoving mover. There is the natural force called intelligence, and there is the moving part called light. Together these to separate natural powers create life. One is the head, the other is the stomach.

G-d bless the wisdom we might get from reading very old books.

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