Hail to the king!

Hail to the new king, Charles the third! This new era, that a new king may promise, is an era of both great difficulty, but also great promise.

The monarchy have not been better for a long time, and on this basis, there is an apt opportunity to make new strides to secure England, Great Britain and the realm.

My first advise would be, to find a BALANCE between, at one hand the conservative base, and at the other hand the progress of the world.

If we at one hand seem to backward looking, then we may look dated, but if we embrace the new trends too much, we seem disrespectfull of the institutions.

A viable option here, is to, at the one hand, to strengthen the military institutions, and at the other hand embrace the options of climate change.

From the dialogue we have had with Germain Richards, through my friend Palle Madsen (Germain is the forester of his majestys estate in Wales), we could embrace a new way of working with forests. Bring healthy, sound forests to Great Britain and work with the wildlife as well. My good friend Hans Kieldsen also have som quite interesting experiments with the Palomia tree, and other things. All in all a very interesting development, that could, potentially change the green landscape of the UK to a more diverse and lush landscape with an increased biodiversity.

At the other hand, we are engaged in a proxy war, and that war may spread. I hope, that we can find peace, but if not. The military will need its commander.

In this way, a modern approach to the way a monarchy should run COULD be approached. But be careful. People are used to a gentle reign, being too brash is a bit dangerous. But a wise, friendly approach, that respects the needs of the people, and truly serve them, has always been as safe bet.

G-d bless the will to find new ways for the british monarchy.

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