The cold winter

There is a very cold winter coming, as foretold in the lore of litterature.

This cold winter will be a severe threat to many, especially the small folks, who may not have so much to trade or barter.

Old people will be living in cold houses, and will, as a consequence perish, even.

In this situation, it is all hands on deck, and all who have ideas, who can find solutions, should further these solutions. It is now, not yesterday, that we should think about solving the problems.

One of the things that we can do, is to support NGO´s that already are in the field. My friend Roger Haydon Mitchells has this amazing project, where the disabled and less fortunate in terms of wealth are lend a voice. Truth and poverty commission.

These NGOs can be the ONLY voice some people have.

Lending Roger a hand, is therefor vital. This can also be done by the new king. It is not a political action, but an action of relief and humanity, that we should all do.

So please, think about the winter, and how the little folks can get through it, because winter is finally coming to the heartland.

G-d bless the will to be a generous person.

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