Happy New year!!!!

Happy new year, god jul, and happy Hanukkah!

It has been a dramatic year for me, but hopefully a year that will finally turn my situation around.

I have grown from an outcast to something of a fringeacademic, that might truly have a career. Lucky me.

So, the situation is like this. I have managed, finally, to get a contract with the state, on a miniature tv station. It is called a Local tvstation, and is set up all over Denmark.

This ensures a monthly paycheck, you cant live without that, and it should work as a natural extension of my blogging.

With that ensured, I can continue the blogging, and do that as long as I have the license.

It took me over a year to realize the situation, and it has been tremendously difficult.

But, as of now, I have built a tv studio in an old caravan, and have had a few guests there already.

If some of my international readers wish to have a conversation in the caravan, please just send me an email. It is potentially an option for some in depth discussion. We can off cause do it in English, and publish the interview here on Rubicon. It is just an offer.

There is absolutely no money involved, it does not cost anything, but should be seen as an option to discuss your politics, if you wish. You are most welcome.

Apart from that, there are some pretty huge things coming up this year. We have to continue on the American election. My feeling is, that the Democrats are a little demoralized. Don’t be, changing power from one perspective to another is just the way politics work. It is like a pendulum. It will swing back eventually.

What we do have to worry about though, is how we are going to make a political program that will actually work when we are back in power.

Here again, some of the innovation ideas we developed in the Obama presidency is vital. Not at least those ideas of remembering the workers.

That is really the key to the White House, the workers.

The competition between the two sides is fierce, and only if we remember the workers will we succeed.

If not anything else, that is THE point to remember.

G-d bless the will of the people.

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