New year

So 2020 got to be a new year after all. Some of the original ideas I had of a quite apocalyptic nature have just materialized. The attack on an Iranian hard liner general is, more or less, the West first true attack on Islam itself.

This is an attack that sends the message. Ok guys, you f… with us, we f… with you. The internal reaction of White, Viking mentality.

It has been suppressed and put down for a long time, because the liberal elite controlled media and because the same violent reaction that was unleashed in the Second World War, by the nazies, was pretty scary.

Now, this is not to compare mr. Trump with the nazies, he is definitely not a nazi. He may be many things, but not a nazi. What he truly is though is a Viking.

Now the Middle East have known the harsh reaction to the expansion of Islam many times, not at least in the days of the crusaders. Who were the really harsh fighters of the crusaders. Were they the benign pious knights, or the vile Viking fighters?

Well, it was the Vikings. I know, because I live in country full of them. I know the reality of this Viking mentality. It is like an avalanche of violence and destruction.

This is what the diaspora of Muslims and their attempt at creating some sort of bridge head of Islam in Western Europe has created.

The slow expansion is finally met with the viking feeling. That is unrestrained violence.

Taking into account, that we are mechanically superior to the Muslims in general this has to end up in Muslim genocide, if we are not careful.

I have fought a long time for peace in the Middle East, and I believe, that Israel is a vehicle for peace.

But even I, cannot hinder war and mayhem, if the parties escalate as we see it today.

Luckily, we have peace with many Arab countries, but for how long, if the crusading Vikings descend on the Middle East with all its true power.

Don’t get me wrong, but the mainstream media, that used to put down the violent tendencies of the Vikings are truly gone.

There are no strings attatched anymore.

Each side will sit in each of their Facebook page, and cheer for their armies.

This is it, the consequence of my own youthful idealism, making the apocalypse I predicted.

Sorry for that, I have tried to hinder it.

But at the end of the day, this is where we each look into ourselves, and see if we can work for peace or war.

Let us hope, that peace wins, eventually. But I am afraid, that it does not.

G-d bless the peace we may find, at the end of this conflict.

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