In the discussion of Social media, what seems to me to be lacking is not really discussion in social media as such, but more an attitude to discussion that is within a humanistic/democratic frame.

We have discussed democracy, where social media have failed miserably. To remedy the whole censuresystem is almost impossible, it is so far gone down the Stasi/KGB methods, that we need someone else to do censureship, than the socialmedia owners themselves. They have absolutely no inclination to be responsible for some of the most important pieces of infrastructure in the world. The idea with the internet was to create openess, and ever since Social media has arised, the opposite has happened.

Anway, back to the discussion on humaneness.

Remember the US is a humanistic/democratic state. It comes all the way from the first pilgrims, over the civilwar and to the civil diobedience strikes in the 60´ties.

Anyway, what is it to be humane?

It is, as we Jews call it, to be a Mensch. An exceptional human being. A human being, that is able to forgive, accept the wrongdoings of other people, that in the face of adversity keeps his faith in the positive, in giving, in being humane.

It is the very opposite of control and boxing in.

Social media is all about boxing people in, and hindering them of doing what they like the most.

Take me, I have worked on my little tv station TV Freedom.

I just love to work with that. I get to meet people, support the democratic process, give all people a voice.

So what do Facebook think about that, well, from the beginning, Facebook has put strict rules over my TV station, I cannot advertise for my tv station, whenever I get too popular, the shadow banning starts and so on.

The very opposite of being humane in understanding me.

So if Facebook handles a renaessance philosopher with disdain, lack of of humanity and attempts at controlling, how are other people handled?

The same way, but just worse.

Is that humane?

G-d bless the will to be human in a world, where control and systematic lack of humanity is the reality of most people.

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