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Ok, it seems to me, that I have been involved in so many agendas, that it is a little hard for me to truly stay on top of them all. But I am doing my best.

Here is something about the US.


Equality is a liberal virtue. We have equality between people, different colors, classes and as a new virtue, the equality between nature, man and business in the climate Change department.

So, what is this virtue of the liberal, and how may we understand and apply it?

First of all, one needs to understand the basis of the idea. Equality is a way to reach a happy society. According to Plato, a situation where there is too far away from one end to the other, there is a lack of balance. Take classes, in countries where the rich are so rich, that they can have a lot of servants, and the poor are living in appaling poverty, the gap between the rich and the poor is too wide. So that is the reason why we have progressive taxes, to make a situation where the rich are not totally rich, and the poor not totally poor.

Off cause, this is not an idea that is without its problems, in a capitalist society, the values that the rich make, is distributed through jobs, so making a communist society, there is no wealth at all to distribute. So you need to find a balance between too much and too little, and you need a loyal as well as patriotic workforce as well as industrialist. That proud mark of Made in America, must be something that both worker as well as industrialist is common in understanding as something good.

As soon as that goes away, then the whole nation is not working anymore. This is a point where I have gone back to Hegel in my understanding of socialism.

We need a Hegelian understanding of the nation.

But with the right care, and understanding, we CAN make a more equal society by making progressive tax.


Anyway, it is the same idea that goes with Climate. Here again, we need a true balance between the needs of man and nature.

If we just make the whole globe into a manmade hell for all other species, we loose sight of something profound; the grace of spirits realization in nature. We loose our faith.

It is through understanding nature as a spritiual realization of G-d, that we may be able to preserve and understand both ourselves as well as nature as something divine.

But, and this is where the balance comes into play again, we also need to feed all the people that keeps coming into existence, and that requires areas to grow crops.

But, that is where the innovation of agriculture comes into play; making more food in less space and trying out new kind of smart crops.

It is about the equality between man and nature, and we still need to do all this on an international market, so we need to respect that making food is a business for a lot of people.

So innovation and picking the winners is a strategy here as well, and then trying to pressure some of the bad guys.

The mass slaughter of the forest of Borneo anyone? The plastic catastrophe of the oceans, a problem we need to fix and think about, and so on, there are a host of issues we need to adress.

Social media

And then there is Facebook and Google that seems to have forgotten that they are supposed to be Mensch, shame on them.

G-d bless the will to do good in a chaotic world.

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