Pick the winners

Dear Joe, things are seeming to get into gear I think.

Here are my reflections on the current issues.

First the war against China. Trying to cut out China from the free markets, is a master stroke. It is much more effective than what Trump did, but it comes with its own set of caveeats and issues, that you have to think about.

What is it anyway with free markets, and what is it good for?

In essence it is an idea, that Adam Smith had, that caters to the fact, that if we make a market where all can take part in, it in effect lifts all nations up, IF the nations that contribute accept the rules of law, that is.

I mean, pirates are still pirates, and should be considered pirates. The piracy copying that the Chinese have built on, is basicially stealing knowledge, and it is therefor illegal.

90% of Chinese production is therefore based on stolen goods, and it creates a situation, where it gives the Chinese an advantage that is essentially not within the frame of free trade. Knowledge piracy is piracy.

So, what you need to do, is then cut them out of the free market, and make sure, that the nations that is within the free market accepts the rules of law, and does not steal from other companies.

But, here is the problem. It needs to be setup in a way, that the other nations feel sure, that they are a part of that new free market of lawabiding nations.

The rest of the world, more or less.

So isolate China in terms of acces to market, and you will deal an essential blow to the balance between the US and China.

But, and that is very important. You need to make sure, that American businesses accepts the fact, that they are supposed to make things in America.

Made in America.

How you do that, is also a pretty important part of the rebuilding of America.

Here in Denmark, we can, potentially, work together, union and producer.

Maybe that is a way of the US as well, seek cooperation between union and production.

Seek out solutions here on a political level, maybe in a cooperation with the Republicans. They are also interested in a strong and prosperous United States of America.

Climate Change

Then there is the Climate.

First of all, I have been doing a lot of research here in Denmark, and talked to both sides. It is really a diffcult area. But there are openings here and there.

Energy change being one of them. Going from fossile fuel production to renewable energy is possible, but needs a lot of development to really succeed.

There are many interesting project, and supporting the winners is a good idea.

I just had an interview with the second in command of Socialistisk Folkeparti Jacob Mark, and he worked that way. Picking the winners, and supporting them.

Hyperloop development is interesting, we have power to X in Denmark, Elon Musk knows a lot and is doing many interesting things.

So, maybe pick the winners?

G-d bless the United States of America.

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