Mr. Trump and mr. Netanyahu is pushing for a dismantling of the Iran accord. I made it with Mr. Barack Obama, so, of cause, this is not in my liking.

First of all, I really do concede, that Netanyahu has a point. If the accord ends up with Iran having nuclear bombs, it is simply a delay, not a problem solver.

At the other hand, a lot of the things that we promised Iran has not come either, so what we really need, is to talk the deal 2.0.

See? If we can talk about what comes after the deal is finished, we can actually enter into a meaningful dialogue about the outcome of the deal.

Fix or nix it, well let us start fixing it before we nix it.

What would that involve. Well, at the very least it would involve some kind of discussion with Iran. They are not that difficult to talk with, and they have their own agendas, and political positions they want to have upheld. There is room for negotiation.

Start there, at least try, then we will see what comes out of it.

G-d bless the outcome that may satisfy all.

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