I truly understand the view of Mr. Netanyahu and Mr. Trump. And I understand, that there is a great worry about the proliferation of nuclear material, not alone nuclear bombs.

At the core of the worry is a lack of trust in Iran. That I also truly understand, there is a lot of bad blood on both sides, and still ongoing clashes.

But there is another thing that I believe that has not been truly appreciated, that is the fact, that Persians were friends before in the ancient times. They can be it again. The great Cyrus was such a friend of Jews, and under the threat of the Babylonians, Persians helped actually.

It is the depth of this relationship, that could promise understanding between Jerusalem and Teheran.

We are here, for peace, we are not here to destroy what has never been ours to destroy as harbingers of light.

If Israel is supposed to be the light upon the nations, that is a peace bringer, it should also be at least allowed to take up the torch of peace.

To make peace in the Middle East, is not about making peace with the Palestinians. These people are not good, it is about making peace with intelligent, worthy adversaries. True ancient peoples can and should talk at least.

The world is not ready for Teheran to have nuclear bombs, someday perhaps it will. But it is not now.

Therefor we have made the accord, and therefore it is upheld by most of the West including great countries as Great Britain, Germany, France and others.

We do understand, that Persia is the very country that invented the idea of goodness. Having a depth of civilisation and culture that is truly awe-inspiring.

Through this understanding, perhaps we can at least meet, and talk.

I, for one, stand for this agreement, but I also understand, that the agreement must be under discussion.

Let us start those discussions, and be partners and friends for the sake of the almighty, and the sake of good thoughts, good deeds, and good words.

G-d bless the willingness to be at peace in the Middle East.

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