Iran deal

Well concerning the Iran deal. I made it, and I did hope to get the support of the EU in the keeping of the deal. The EU however is slowly melting down, and is not capeable in turning the boat around like the US has done.

So, in essence, it is not a serious partner in this process. I wish it was, I have reached out, but nothing comes of it. Maybe it is because they do not know me personally and are therefor afraid of me, or some other argument. But that is the way it is.

I am alone in trying to keep the JCPOA afloat.

First of all. I have no problem in trying to expand the deal. It could happen, there are things that mr. Netanyahu is not happy about. Let us get it on the table.

Secondly, let us have a look at what the Iranians are doing. They have upheld the agreement to the letter, and are essentially honest about it.

That is a clear indication, that if they are truly respected, they can be a serious partner.

We made peace with them, because these people are essentially an honourable people. I do not agree on some of the ideas of Teheran, I believe that women and gays should be respected. But, I also recognize, that the Iranian people are essentially an honest and good people.

In fact, all the Iranians i have ever met, I have really liked.

I don’t know, if the deal is void, maybe it is. But nevertheless, it will always stand as an example of a peace process, that actually worked.

Peace comes from two equals, that respect each other. That respect is based on might sometimes, and ethics at other times.

With the Iranians, it has always been about self esteem, and virtue. They do not like being pushed around, and they only respect people who are virtuous.

So, my best advice is. Have a look at the current deal, and then come up with some kind of remake.

But make sure, that the Iranian do not lose face. They have a liberal as well as conservative part of their society, and we need to understand that they have limits to what they can do.

G-d bless the peace we can find.

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