The virtue of Democracy

England is suffering, the young are in danger, and the acid is flowing in the bottles, ready to be thrown at anyone, even children.

This is difficult, and I understand, that many intellectuals in England are wont to challenge these difficulties, and do not wish to get their careers burdened with too much heavy accusing from people who tend to see any criticism of the multicultural society as racism.

But you MUST. Criticizing the multicultural society is not the same as racism per se. It depends on the the theoretical basis you discuss from.

The problem with many racist right wing groups is, that their criticism is based on racism. So, what do you want, a pure white race, or acid in bottles thrown at people?

The answer is off cause, neither.

But you still have to discuss the murders, the terrorattacks and the heinous crimes against the girls of Rotherham and other cities.

What you do, in my opinion, is to base your criticism on democratic virtue.

What is the democratic virtue. It is humanism in its original form. That is enlightenment and the will to see each individual person as something sacred and beautiful.

If you do that, you can see, that neither racism or multiculturalism in its current form is good.

You can say no to both, and aim at a society, where all are brothers in the belief, that the sacredness of living things are most important. Humanity, care for the human and other living beings.

That is the basis you can stand on, and still retain your humanity.

Because that is humanity.

G-d bless the will to be human in the current crisis of our international societies.

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