The difficult questions

Discussing difficult things take a lot of courage, but to truly Change a society, you need to be able to do just that.

As a platonic philosopher, with Socrates as my guiding light, I KNOW that difficult issues are thorny and often deadly to discuss. But one needs to do it anyway, to remake and Change Democracy.

It not, the Democracy will fall, and fascism will come, the strong man.

THAT is why I believe, that we need to discuss the ethical principles behind the rise in violence done by some migrants in London. Because if we do not, then someone much more nasty will.

This does not imply, that all migrants are evil, or that you are automatically stupid if you are not white in your skin.

That would make it pretty difficult for me, since my father was from Bangladesh.

He loved everything British. From the way brits dress, to the fact that there is so much good to say about the boarding school system. In fact he went to a boarding school himself.

He was an aristocratic, liberal Muslim. Yes i have heard a lot about Mahamtma Ghandi when I was a child.

He was essentially a decent man.

From this point of view, what happens in London these days, are horrendous. That beautiful civil city of ancient traditions and tremendous skill. Acid attacks, soaring numbers of knife attacks, terror.

It is wrong, and to my mind, the public needs to address the problems behind these attacks. Why do they come?

Is it because of religion, social issues, or just plain evil?

Daring to talk about the difficult things is the only way that you will be able to solve them.

Just be clear about your intentions. It is not about race, it is simply about trying to SOLVE the problems that is there, plain for all to see.

G-d bless the will to be able to tackle the taboos of society, based on an enlightened discussion and intent.

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