Isil, or rather neo conservative antisemitic Sunni Muslims have gone on a rampage in Iraq. It is absolutely disgusting, and the level of inhumanity is over the top.

Should we engage? We have no choice, they are our dedicated enemies, they are going after us. As long as they have a stronghold with all the ressources they have secured, as long will they contribute to the calamity of the world.

At 9/11 we realized we had an enemy, but it is not until now we realize the depravity of that enemy. It was like when we engaged the nazis, we did not really know how depraved they were, until after we opened the gates of Treblinka and Auswitch.

They are not going away, and they are coming to our shores as well. So a fight with them will not only ensure the protection of the different minorities in Syria and Iraq, it will also ensure our own security.

But, then again, we need to be really careful about the means we use. When we set boots on the ground, we lose lives. So we should really be realistic about these issues, and think it through carefully. Again, it is about being precise and using only the force necessary.

This war will continue in many years, and we should not fool ourselves and believe that it will be easy, it will be difficult and costly. But we have to do it. Not just because we have a responsibility in Iraq, but also because we are next.

But we need to be very, very careful and think as many steps forward as possible. Not just rush in without an exit strategy.

G-d bless the peace we should always strive for, not the might.

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