When we entering another phase in the ongoing feud in the Middle East, we should always remember why we do this. I mean, we should always remember that we fight to win the peace, not to extradite judgement on anyone. If we think we are better or have a higher worth than everybody else, well this very thought, brings us to be the lowest of worths. Humility in the face of danger is paramount. Otherwise we misjudge the situation and take false decisions.

My good friend David and I, are working on a plan to realize the interfaith plans of Israel, to contribute to a bridge between all faiths.

This is how we ultimately win the peace, by true understanding, and by having a common ground to stand on.

This task will include the reach out for Muslims as well as Christians.

Peace is not won through military action alone, it is won through dialogue as well. But we need somewhere to meet, where all parts are respected.

G-d bless the will to understand and ultimately listen to one another.

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