In the world, right now, muslims in general, and Sunni muslims in particular, have received some incredibly bad press. It is as though, that all the negative stories that have been floating around in the mass social media, the right wing and on enlightening blogs suddenly come into focus, and people start saying; well maybe all the scarecrows were right.

I have been, and still am to some extent, scarecrow number one. From the beginning of my political career, I have enlightened people about the negative potential of Islam. Read the Koran, and you realize the depth of misery Islam can bring. But then again, it does not have to be like that. When the conquistadors were in South America, they did exactly the same as the IS, just in the name of Christianity.

There is a choice, you can either choose that verse, or the other verse.

Here, we have a faith with the potential of horror and murder, but as all other monotheistic religions founded by Abraham, we have the love option as well.

As of now, it seems to me, that Sunni islam is converging into two separate factions, the very renaissance oriented Sunni rebels, and the modern oriented Arab faction.

One wants to go back to the roots, the other to mix Islam with humanistic ideals. Egypt has gone down this path, Saud i Arabia is going down the path, and many other Arab nations do as well.

This is really the situation. As of now, I believe it is extremely important, that we fight one faction with intelligence and precision, and support the other faction with affection and open-mindedness.

One is our very dangerous and courageous enemy, the other our good friend.

G-d bless the friends we have, and the good deeds we can do when we are duly in understanding and dialogue.

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