When we are fighting the first thing we lose is our priority. We often end up in our feelings, and start fighting for survival or because we are very, very scared. It is as it is with us humans, after all, when we are threatened with our own extinction, we fight to survive. Me too, for a long time, I fought with the Danish system to survive, so I know the feeling.

But, really, what we fight for, is to win the peace.

In Egypt, there are amazing traditions that we today, in the West, know as humanism. It started in Egypt. In this tradition, each person is a human. We do not act to enrich ourselves, but because we, as shepherds of the world, care for nature, and we do this by seeing the miracles that is all around us, in the buzzing of the bee, and the rays through the water as it travels through fish and waves. In this tradition, we understand the light as the truth. We are true to ourselves, and to all around us. We can either choose the light of the moon, as Osiris or the light of the sun as Ra. The light of the moon to gently give our listeners a path to a better world. The light of the sun, to wield the might of the blazing sun, so that corruption is removed.

This is a lesson that is good to remember these days, when all are scrambling for a victory. The victor will be the true. Because the untrue will have been corrupted on his way to power.

The Middle East is changing rapidly, I hope that the lightbringers of all kind, will be able to be honest, and humble in the face of the misery they see, and act in the interest of humanity. As the great Heliopolitan sages decreed.

G-d bless the wisdom of the Egyptians.

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