To really understand the situation in Israel now, we have to see it in a greater perspective. As of now, there are several warring factions in Gaza, and new ones come into the game right now.

Gaza reflects the changing tides of politics in the world and in the Middle East, when socialism was strong, the rebels or fighters were socialists. When the Muslim brotherhood were strong, the rebels were a faction of the Muslim brotherhood.

Now, the new fighter is IS. In reality this player is outwards strong and successful, but in the great game they are quite weak. They have a few halfhearted friends, but none really strong. So far they have funded themselves more or less.

If you compare this to Hamas, who had and still has a strong support in especially socialist political environments in Europe, they are weak. Hamas has been able to whip up support in western media, this is not the case with IS, on the contrary, they have done all the wrong things. So in a way, it is a sign of weakness.

In Gaza Hamas is on its way out, and IS is on its way in. This means, that within half a year, we are dealing with an opponent, that is much weaker in terms of support, in fact we will have help from all around the world beating IS. So, if we can keep our calm, and negotiate with an eye on what is actually happening in and around Israel, we can pull a good deal.

Hamas is not done yet, and in fact, I hope we reach a deal. Hamas seem pretty scared of IS, I would be too, if I lived right besides them, so if I were them, I would make that deal and start defending.

G-d bless the fact that we are still working for peace in an environment that is increasingly hostile to that.

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