The fault

So the conflicts are slowly spilling into Europe. Cries of antisemitism, that we forsworn never to hear again is heard in Berlin, in Copenhagen. IS is the new game in town, so much more radical than Hamas.

When we look on war, according to the classical historian Thucydides it works like this; the problems are not the fighting or the killing. It is the conflicts that run in between friends and family. The entire society is torn asunder between the Spartans or the Athenians. Between democracy and spartanism, between democracy and communism, between democracy and islamism.

When people fight, the longer the fighting the more hatred and animosity towards your opponent will come. This we should bear in mind in Europe. The fighting has just been upped a notch. The niceties of propaganda and caring about media has been abandoned, and now we are casting away the masks, and fight as we are. This was also the way it happened in the second world war, in the end, there were nothing that held the russians back when they entered Berlin, and nothing that kept the RAF bombing picturesque German cities. The slaughter just intensified.

Wheel the current development forward ten years, and what have we got? With the rate of escalation, and the feelings frayed and the anger.

We thought the third world war would be between Russia and the US. We actually avoided that, but in the fighting we sowed and now we reap. The enemy is not the Russians, it is the islamists.

Could we have prevented it? Yes we could. In fact the democratic system did work. It is supposed to be the philosopher who would set the alarm at a problem, and then the society that would follow his lead. This is why we have freedom of speech. Because Socrates put forth the example in exactly the same war as Thycudides referred to. So we put in freedom of speech, so that the Socrates or the platonic philosopher would not be killed.

But, unfortunately, the Danish system decided to put a gag order on the philosopher. Thereby rendering the idea of freedom of speech to naught. I mean, if you put Socrates in a black box, you may not kill him, but you will make sure, that no one will hear him. So in effect freedom of speech is not working. Hereby breaking one of the defense mechanisms of democracy.

Now, when the mayhem starts, and the killing and destruction in Europe commences, and people ask; could we not have known? Were there not a specific point in history where we could have changed course? Well, there was, the system is actually calibrated to stop the problems, but due to corruption in the Danish state, it did not work. I think it is very, very important, that we teach the Danish system a lesson after the war. So that other states in the same situation, think twice before they render the freedom of speech to naught. An international court should point the blame to those who are to blame, those who chose to ruin the democratic system when it was most needed. The danish state, including the media.

G-d bless the will to be free and talk openly.

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