The negotiations are coming to an end, so much prestige is invested, so much is hinged upon this little peace deal.

These are my reflections.

First of all, things are actually shaping up for the better of Israel. New machines to detect the tunnels are under development, the iron dome defense system is improving. So, if the current development is continued, in a year or two, Israel will actually have used science to protect itself. So that is good news.

In the political sphere, the politicians, seem to have widened up their game. The realization that Gaza is just the symptom and not the cause, will help a lot. We are in a position to make peace with the Arab nation, and if mr. Barack Obama makes peace with Iran, we have peace with both sides, giving us the ability to invest time and money in a plan to enhance this peace deal. How do we do that? We do it by contributing, positively, to the spiritual and material development of our new friends. Both iran and the Arab nation is in want of development, but on their own terms. They see India, Brazil, China and many more countries developing, and they want to be part of this new progress. This is what we can help them with, we have the knowledge and the tech to ensure a peaceful progress.

Add to this the development of the intellectual basis of the Middle East, and in ten to twenty years, the constant fighting could be changed into peace and prosperity.

Now, focusing back on Gaza. There are different demands that should be balanced off. First of all, Hamas wants an airport and a seaport. Well, as I see it, these are good things for all. As long as Israel can monitor the freight, so that no weapons of a certain size can be imported. Then I can’t see the problem. Right now, most things are brought into Gaza through the tunnels, but that will not last, because the tunnels are being destructed. So they need somewhere to import things. If we can monitor it, we will actually have a better chance at securing what goes in and out of Gaza than before.

The next problem is then the disarmament of Hamas. They refuse. Well, I understand that, they need to be ready for some of the clashes that might arise with other groups. At the other hand Israel needs to be safe from the rockets. So my proposal is, that Hamas should hand over its rockets, and destroy the production facilities. They are not of much anyway. As the Iron dome develops, they are slowly getting obsolete. They can the keep all the other armament as small arms, RPGs and so on.

Hamas needs to act now to reach a deal. If Hamas remains as the top power broker in Gaza, it can actually decide whether it wants to join the Arab nation in the peace process and be a central player in this development, or just remain in Gaza as the defender of the city. But it needs to act fast, because IS is moving in on them, and taking all the attention.

G-d bless the peace we can make.

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