As the world progresses, Israel is still not really realizing its progress. We are caught in the so-called peace process, and not really engaged in the international discussion on human rights, the national security and peace.

This has to end, we need to envision what Israel really is; the light of the nations. Right now, I feel very much alone in this process, as I really try to bring peace and understanding between the warring factions of the world.

Israel is not doing this, but too invested in the close vicinity of Israel, it is ok, considering the danger we are living in. But we need to change that dynamic and really contribute positively to the peace brokering of the world.

I love Israel, I love its mission, and I really try to live the mission in the real live. To be the light of the different nations of the world. Giving advise and trying to be fair to all who are in a difficult situation.

This is our job as the chosen people, and we need to do it.

If we keep on, looking at our own security and not on our basic task, the situation of Israel will not improve. But if we contribute and enhance the wellbeing of all nations on earth, we will slowly increase in stature and thereby have more freedom and respect.

G-d bless the descendants of Abraham.

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