In the course of the conflict in the Crimea, several issues have come up; the independence of the city Sevastopol and its surrounding, the fate of the Tatars, the interests of Ukraine, and consequently the interests of Mr. Obama and Mr. Putin.

The situation is not as it seems, and I believe, that if we actually try to understand the situation from the perspectives of each other, the solution is quite simple.

On one side, we are seeing a cold war logic. Where the East is fighting the West, and vice versa. On the other side we see a sincere investment in the well-being of ethnic Russians.

Add to this a sincere strategic dilemma and we have an issue seen from two different angles.

What we do need to do however, is not to see from above or from a strategic point of view, we need to see it from a view of below. On one hand, we have had a sincere revolt of the Ukrainian people, who want their independence from Russian influence, at the other hand we have the Crimeans who want their independence from Western influence.

What is important is the interest of the people. We need to listen to them what do they want and need.

Sevastopol is an icon to Russia, it is the most fought over city in several wars. Add to this, it is the boundary to Turkish influence, that, in the past, have been very negative to the land of the Rus. So it is an insurance.

I would, personally reason, that Crimea is a part of Russia, if it wants, and Ukraine is a part of the West, if it wants.

What really is the most difficult issue is actually the Tartars, who are the descendants of the old Turkish slave catchers. What is the future for them. How can we envision a fair solution.

Going to war will not solve anything. Because that will not ensure the new equilibrium.

If Russian troops protect Russians, that is ok. But if they attack Ukrainians, that is violation of human rights.

Human rights are the rights to remain free in a nation that secures the rights of that people. Be it Ukrainian or Russian. They just do not feel like one people, but like two people, so they would need each a state to protect them and their rights.

G-d bless the peace we may find if we are able to see clearly.

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