Well, the world is actually working much better now than it used to, the Cold War is over, the Middle East is much more calm, the United States of America is in a better place, religion is progressing.

There is only one problem for me; as a writer this blogging mediation of my thoughts is quick and effective, but it leaves me pretty empty handed when it comes to making a living. In the old days, you could live as a writer in newspapers or by selling books, but this possibility is closed for me.

I am trying to figure out a fair way to make a living as a writer in the new internet age.

On the one hand, I really do this out of idealism and a true wish to make a better world. But that does not feed my little family. It forces me to take different jobs, but I cannot take a job I am qualified to take, because that would leave me no room for writing.

It is a dilemma.

So I figured, perhaps I could develop into a think tank, and offer analysis and papers. This way I can actually make a living, and I hope the services I offer are not conflicting with each other.

I see it as my job to support all nations, as this is the idea of Israel, but often the different nations collide in terms of interest. Keeping a neutral hand in this situation is difficult, and if I charge one nation, what about the other?

So I figured, that detailed strategical advice could be something worth offering, because these strategical advises are always centered on the well being of the internal problems of the nations, challenges as economy, civil rights and things like that.

Add to this, advice on a philosophical level is always a one to one with the leader of the nation, so being able to actually communicate, would be a good thing.

That leaves the international advise free, and the internal advice a paid service.

International crisis are off cause always something that is free, and most of the other research I do in metaphysics, economy and so on.

In this way, I can survive, focus on the blogging, and the international peace keeping service would be able to continue.

I do this out of need, not because I really want to. But I need to live as well as everybody else, and having a family naturally puts a lot of pressure on the economy.

If nobody complains, I will take it as a yes. Otherwise you are free to chip in. I am open for critique.

Anyway. As I see it, the good thing about it, is a more stable and continous relationship to the countries I try to serve. If I can actually focus 100% on rubicon, I would be able to serve all the countries that has used my advise so far.

Thank you.

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