The-Brightest-of-StarsIn the search of a new religious identity, we need to counter, or rather tackle the fact that cosmology is not a part of metaphysical discussion anymore, or rather it should be again.

I have tried to deliver a cosmology to rival the cosmos theory of natural science. It is based on true philosophy and is as good as anything made by the natural scientists.

As I see it, we also need to understand the historical development of the world view. According to the classical historian A.H. Sayce, the cosmology that is the base of Jewish thought and later developed into what we know today as Kabbalah, is actually borrowed from Babylon.

Babylon was one of the main centers of human development, here they also developed republican theory, banking and a range of subject we still use today.

This is important, because religion is the basis of the Nation.

Then if we combine these things, we can see, that to make a complete system of thought and belief, we need to include a cosmology to really understand our world.

The metaphysical and physical theories must blend, and religion most be able to solve and discuss the theories that are usually the realm of natural science. Important discussions as; what happens after we die, where do we come from, what is G-d and such issues should be anchored in a true understanding of what the world is on physical as well as metaphysical questions.

G-d bless the will to understand.

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