Polybius(1)Well, Ukriane and Russia is in a bit of a fight. First of all, I really do understand Russia. The rejection of Russia comes after no real conflict with Russia for a long time. Russia has actually learned from its Communist past, and is much more sedated and less in favor of using its military strength to cower and subdue anyone. Only once in Georgia, apart from that it has actually accepted the freedom of Poland, Lithuania and many more former Soviet republics. This is done because it understands the problems, and the buffer states it felt it used to need, is not needed anymore, due to a peaceful relationship with the West. It is and act of humility and good will.

But it hurts, it hurts Russia to be rejected over and over again. Yes there were many atrocities done in the second world war, something Russia, for some of it has excused for. Other things it needed to be excused for. But that is war. When you fight, you get allies, and you get enemies. Finding peace after a war is a long and difficult process that is basically an ethical path, showing that the anger and the frustration that led to war is not anymore, and the respect and understanding is what the new generation wants.

I will give you a classical example on this process. Actually the way the Greek survived being obliterated by history.


When the greek city states fell to the advancing Roman armies, a few leading intellectuals and aristocrats were taken as hostages to Rome. It was a common practice at that time, they were a kind of ransom.

Greece was not happily subdued, imagine the proud culture of Plato and Aristotle made servants to the rather barbaric Romans.

But a strange and wondrous thing happened. One of the hostage, a certain Polybius, made friends with the Roman gentry. He was a leading scholar of Greece and naturally a very superb academic. The Romans acknowledged the skill of Polybius and the superior culture of the Greek, so they let him in and started to learn from him. Polybius on the other hand, made a brilliant work called The Rise of the Roman Empire, and a fruitful process was initiated.

Unfortunately the Greek, loving their freedom, started rebelling. The rebellion was nothing to the Romans. The Roman superiority in warfare was legendary, and it was quite easy for the Romans to quell the resistance. Normally Romans were quite thorough when they met resistance, they basically eradicated the culture and sold everyone as slaves.

But not this time, because there was a saviour of Greece; Polybius. Polybius used his contacts at the Roman senate and he used his contacts in Greece to forge a peace that gave what Greece really wanted; recognition, and what Rome needed; peace in the province of Aegea.

Now what does this story tell us?

First of all, it tells us, that a peace can be made, if the right person is at the right spot. Polybius was extremely resourceful, and respected by all in the conflict. Both Romans and Greek. Secondly it tells us of the method a peace can be forged; through diplomacy. Thirdly it tells us of the course it could have went. If not for Polybius, Greek culture may have vanished today. Lastly it tells us of the benefits of the peace deal. It made a good and fruitful relationship between Rome and Greece. It saved Greek culture, and it gave Rome a boost it still rests on today.

What I am saying is; Ukraine needs one thing; a leader. Not just any leader, but a virtuous, intelligent, ethical leader who can pull the two countries out of the quagmire. Someone Russia can make a sound deal with, and perhaps strengthen the relationship between Rome and Greece with, or rather Russia and Ukraine.

All descendant of Denmark, Norway and Sweden have one thing in common; they all love their freedom. But to gain that freedom, you need to be able to make a serious deal, that may rest on diplomacy.

G-d bless the deal that may be made.

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