Finding peace after the rebellion is a precarious matter. Because, there are so many interests invested in the freedom fight.

First of all there is the relationship to mother Russia, and then there is the relationship with EU and America.

First of all, I would recommend the discussion of why. Why did the rebellion take place, and consequently what would the actions necessarily be?

It took place because Ukraine wants a better future for its people. Corruption is rampant, the system is in dire straits, and the ideology of Ukraine is still not really on the mend. The strong resistance of the conservative rebels Right Sector points to a possible path from the exit point of the rebellion.

What they proscribe is a medication that will fit the alliances with Russia and give respect to Ukraine. That is human rights, protection of the church and a national identity based on the history and the mythology of Ukraine.

Add to this a freedom striving investment and in the long run a more prosperous and viable future is possible for Ukraine.

The most important is the relationship to Russia. To understand this, we need to see this in a historical light. Ukraine is the birthplace of Russia. So the ties are very strong from Russia to Ukraine. It was where it all started.

My point is, there is a deep historical and identifying link between Ukraine and Russia. How is this supported in a good way. First of all, it is a matter of respect. Ukraine needs to respect Russia and Russia needs to respect Ukraine. Meet in mutual understanding and the scars will hopefully heal, and the bad blood will hopefully be reduced.

Then it is a matter of ideology. Russia is moving in a much more conservative direction; church, family, nationalism and human rights.

If Ukraine follow the Right Sector who have the same ideology, the two countries will follow each other in ideology and the ties will naturally strengthen.

Then there is the relationship to America. Barack Obama stood up for you, as did Poland and a few other European countries of what we call “the west”. I do not personally buy that distinction.

But, to honour their commitment, a focus on freedom and justice would be welcomed. Get rid of the corrupt politicians and put in place somewon of integrity and skill.

This is actually the most important task right now; find someone to lead the country who are untainted by the politicking of Timochencko and Yanukovich.

Someone who will put the interest of the nation above his own personal wealth and interest. Someone who, for the love of Ukraine and the sacrifice he is ready to make, will lead the country. Not for a better personal life for himself but for the children, for the elderly, for the young who have no work, for the love of spirit and for the good and healthy Ukraine. Healthy in mind as well as in body.

G-d bless Ukraine.

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