I am really sorry, I have this very personal confession to make. It just struck me the other day, and in the interest of the ideas I try to relay, I hope you will be interested in listening on.

I went through a lot of the texts that I have written, and I realize that I have been so wrong in one thing; my own perception.

Basically I am a genius, but at the same time, sometimes I click, and I lose it. I am a sick genius in the sense, that the hard core focus I have on all the theory makes my brain see and hear things that are not really there. It is an overload of my brain in a way.

I know, that often the ideas I relay are fundamentally changing the world, and being humble and simple when you have that power is just extremely difficult.

But I truly try.

I am sorry about my misgivings, and I will try to heal and be a part of the normal world.

G-d bless the will to be sound and normal.

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