In Ukraine there is a chance, right now to actually change things. I really, really applaud the peace deal, further violence would have been very bad for the nation.

But one thing is peace, another thing is a way forward. There are a lot of things that should be rearranged and improved in Ukraine.

Basically Ukraine is still reeling from a Communist hang over. Communism simply did not work, because Marx and Engels, even though they were geniuses in their field, did not really understand the mechanisms of statehood.

Take the idea of materialism, the faith behind much of the Marxists doctrines. Basically, how would you make a better world, if you do not strive for a higher purpose? Faith is not just a belief, it is a motor for the good in society, if you remove that motor, the system breaks down.

This is why Ukraine is so corrupt today, because there is no one who really believes in a better world. All are just busy enriching their own material existence.

So you need to start believing again, to realize that there IS a higher purpose on earth, that it is possible to be free, to make a better world, to realize justice.

It is a matter of faith.

The institutions in themselves are not enough, they are just the framework. The people in the institutions are what matters.

Then you need young heroes, people who are ready to fight for a better and more just world. But these heroes must be imbued by the ideas that will actually serve as true aims and not just phony ideas.

Everything fell apart in the Communist era, because the ideas you were told were right, simply were wrong.

Another example, is the right to ownership. This was, in many cases, abolished by Communism. Because Marx had read about Sparta and how they organized things there. The problem is, if you want to abolish the right of ownership, you need a strong focus on the law at the same time. That is justice. That is how it was run in Sparta.

So the idea did not work, because the mechanisms were simply not put together in a way that would make it work.

Of cause, there were other discussions going on the ancient philosophical debate, but Marx did not know them, so he was not really constructing a sound system.

One of my favourite ancient philosophers Isocrates (not Socrates) had this really sharp comment on the corruption that was in the Ancient Greek city state Athens. He said, it is about the law. People do not respect the law.

Perhaps this is a start. You should make law matter again, get the different systems of government to respect justice and understand that the law is above themselves.

Add to this a true striving for virtue, you might just get out of the misery you are in.

G-d bless the will to compromise.

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