800px-Nicholas_Roerich,_Guests_from_OverseasTo me Ukraine is much more than just the demonstrators, and the so called “rightwing” demonstrators. Basically it is a country, that needs a boost in the direction of freedom and conscience.

I am sorry for the late answer, but my time has been eaten up by the fight against the Danish system, and their will to torture my daughter. But, that fight is hopefully over, and perhaps you can use my ideas for something.

Ukraine is a viking nation, basically, it was here the Danes, the Swedes and the Norwegian settled a thousand years ago on their way to Miklagaard, or in its own language, the Byzantines.

Now, it was destroyed by the Mongols, but somehow managed to survive until now.

After many years of Communism, Ukraine has come out of the shadow, and has tried to piece together a new nation. But it is divided by national and ethnic differences, this is reflected in the east and west divide.

Now, the problem is basically not that large. Ukraine can, and hopefully will, retain its good relationship with both East and West. That is not the problem. The problem is the system.

To me it seems, that the shadow of the communist era is still looming at large over the Ukrainians. It it is basically the moral destruction of the country that is still looming at large. That is corruption, lack of transparency and a state not working very well. But it is also the problems of faith and family structures largely destroyed by Communism.

This is really, as in all other countries that was touched by Communism, the problems needed to be solved.

That is; human rights, freedom of assembly, freedom of speech and freedom of conscience.

Simply to have honest men leading and controlling the country.

But the problems will not be absolved, if the basic building blocks of society is mended. Families have to be strengthened, people should be helped, and men should be treated with dignity. The virtue of the nation should be restored.

Russia is in the same development as needed in Ukraine. So there should really be no difference between the two countries. The problem is basically on one side; clear demands from the protesters, and on the other hand, an honest brokering from Yanukovych.

So basically it is a process that involves the church and the freedom fighters defining their aims.

G-d bless Ukraine, may it prosper.

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