I have, together with Obama, had a tremendous succes in the Middle East. The tactic; to focus on the sources of the conflict between Israel and the rest of the Middle East instead of focusing on the proxies; the Palestinians or whatever they are called, has really pulled of.

As of now Israel is hedging its bets with both Saudi Arabia and Egypt. If mr. Netanyahu had been a bit more trusting on Iran, we could have come somewhere with them as well.

I understand, animosity and so on. But we are the Chosen people, and we should not act as local power players, but rather as a moral player, as we are, right?

Now mr. Netanyahu and I are not always on the same page, but I love that man anyway, and do really respect his judgement.

But, be as it may, what is really the process behind these success?

First of all, I am not so self-indulgent, that I believe that is either my doing or Baracks for that matter. We are just tools in a process. Perhaps we are tools of spirit, but perhaps we are just there as a part of a development. The expression of a culture that evolves around certain principles.

Now, what I have been thinking about in the process, is, why really? What is it in the process, that gives us the ability to make peace where no-one else have succeeded?

I believe it is because as Zionist there is a piece that is missing. When Israel was originally founded by Herzl, it was a historic and democratic union of Jews. The state of the Jews, all Jews, and rested on a republican basis. There where some Cabalists that secretly tried to see Israel as a vehicle for peace, we still do. But this was only as private individuals.

The central western democratic blueprint Israel was formed on lacked something that was in existence in Denmark. Denmark is very, very similar to Israel in its construction, but we have one thing that differs; we are based on a historic understanding of the Danish Folk. The Danish people. The great Grundtvig being the master behind this construction. This has given us a historic awareness, and a cohesive disposition towards our neighbours. Instead of representing a state, we represent the Danish People.

Being the Chosen people as Jews, meeting our neighbours as what we are, instead of just a system, makes things much more down to earth, and also makes our neighbours feel they know us more. They know us as a people, not as a state, and if we behave like a people, and respect our neighbours as other peoples, things seem to fall in the right holes.

The Middle East is a very, very proud place. It is the cradle of human civilisation, and every people there remembers, with pride their contribution, even though the rest of the world has forgotten.

If we remember our own history, that is interwoven with our neighbours, we have common ground, and common projects to work with.

And as the Chosen people, there is one mission that will elevate us to where we should be, and that is the fight for G-d. That he may live again. If we do that, we will be friends with our neighbours.

G-d bless Israel.

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