It is difficult for Europe to hedge its bets in this time of destruction and insecurity.

Germany has, lastly caught up with the new trends of Europe, and has had its very own islamic-critic party. The Afd. well, I do not do mudfests, and I refuse to start throwing ridicules and be the one pointing fingers. As Christians may remember, a lot of people pointed fingers at Jesus, and as Jews remember people did not like Moses much, let alone Mohammad.

This is the way it is, if things Change, people do not like it.

I understand, that the problems that confronts Germany are very difficult, especially considering the influx of migrants and refugees, that creates a lot of problems in Germany right now.

Ms. Merkel is trying to balance the scales in a situation where Germany has to cope with its history as murdering a lot of Jews, and at the same time making sure that the security of the land is working.

Right now, the dilemma seems to tear Germany apart.

There is a short term solution, and a long term solution.

First of all, take it easy. Do not panic, look at the situation, plan ahead and be careful not to lose the initiative.

Germany has the problem, that it is too strong lying there in the middle of Europe. So the minor states and other stronger states around it are vary about its course.

But, look at the way the world has changed these last ten to twenty years. Before the internet revolution, we had absolutely no idea about the ideas and history of the Middle East, even though it lies a mere stonethrow away! Imagine that. We were still, mentally, living in a time where the only transportation was boat and slow moving vehicles.

The US has been good at understanding the new reality, and is acting accordingly. But Europe, mired in its self-pity and inaction, simply has just done….nothing.

What we need to do now, is catch up. Look at our options and act accordingly.

We are not the rulers of the world anymore, that is over, and that is ok. We are living in a multipolar world. Where there are several powers. There is China, the Brics countries, India, Russia, the Middle East and so on. We need to get used to the new situation, and plan from there.

There is no shame in admitting that we are not the rulers of the world anymore, that is just the way it is. And honestly, would we like to be the rulers of the world again? No, why should we? We can be contempt in trying to develop our own world, and strengthening our own ways of doing things. To contribute to a peaceful and humanistic earth.

But in order to do that, we need to get out of that post colonial hangover, and start using our own strengths to our advantage. What are they?

First of all, it is a world class intellectual world. We have the best thinkers, period.

This asset is an asset that, potentially, can bring us back on the world stage as leaders in political, metaphysical and peace bringing theory.

Note that this strength is not a offensive strength, but rather a strength that will give us friends and not enemies.

This is also the strength that will save us in the current situation, the solutions we can find, can solve the problems, without us getting into conflict with the human rights and so on.

So we need to take a fresh look on the situation, define the positive aims we want to have. What is it we want to contribute with? How can we help our neighbours? How can we contribute solving some of the problems of the world?

At the same time, we need to solve the problems we face right now with migration.

As I have said, let us do within the limits of the Human Rights charter, and do it progressively. We should act, but with respect to our allies, our friends around the world, and most importantly, to protect our citizens. This being the main task.

G-d bless the light we must follow, and the peace we can contribute making.

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