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sons-of-light-588x441If you want to fight, you have to be prepared to get hit from time to time, that is the way with fighting.

This is especially true with the renaissance of the Anglican church. You get a new message from here, another hit from there, but as when you do a pilgrimage, the difficulties of the walk should never stop you, but make you keep going.

At the end of the day, it is a matter of faith, you are always tried by fortitude, by evil, by all kinds of difficulties.

Yet, as a new mountain appears as a mirage at the end of the road, you just need to pray, get up and find a way over, beneath or around that mountain. There will another mountain to climb when you have climbed the mountain in front of you, but that is the way with work for spirit. It is a never-ending, continuous striving for at better world, and the strange thing is, you never find the end. It is just a road you have to travel.

Sometimes you meet someone on your pilgrimage, and you gather your wits and start a conversation with that person. This is your boons and your nourishment, to find companions along the road.

Sometimes, no, always in my experience, the companions you find on your road, will be there with you all along, and as you travel father and father, the torrent of people you meet on your way will swell.

If you are truly a good person, the persons that will accompany you will be fellows in that same spirit.

So there will be downfalls, and dark days, but do not falter in you belief, because spirit will always be there to support you, and help you find your way. Because that is what G-d is; a helper, a friend and a crutch when you need it.

Praised be Amun.

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