The United States of America

I think that the US must be the most reluctant empiremaker ever. I mean, it is as though the different candidates in the election almost fight over how to NOT be an empire. This is truly the greatest strenght of the US. The clean ethical view on power. Power is not to opress, but to be used for good. I think this is also the part of the weakness, because recently we have seen a few instances of disengagements, where engagement would have been better. Especially in Libya, we should have gone in there and helped rebuild the country. That was a mistake in my mind.

But, the strenght of the fact, that the US does not wish to impose its agenda on everybody, but is happy with the fact, that it can provide some progress and momentum for its own citizens is, to my mind a great boon to the world. It was what, at the end of the day, that stopped the Ukraine crisis from developing into a third world war. Off cause, mr. Putin never wanted the war either, so there were two parts not to really want war.

If you compare this to almost any other emperical power in history, it is truly unique. Just look at how the Chinese treats Africa. It is with contempt, the US has never treated Africa with contempt.

I know that there has been some bad blood in South America, but apart from that, the US has its hands, more or less clean.

I hope, that it continues in this way, that foreign involment has an ideological or protective motive, not a tyrannical motive.

G-d bless The United States of America.

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