To develop the world, the world needs to have peace. Otherwise most of the ressources and the ability to invest in the betterment of humanity is forfeit.

It is like a lake, if there is war, the ressources are sucked up, the dams breached will take away water. If there is peace, the dams will hold, and the lake will swell, full of water.

So plugging the holes of the dam, will give prosperity. In this way, peace and prosperity are two sides of the same coin.

Now, that may be simple, but the actual peace making is extremely difficult. It all comes down to inspiring the world to do good. Usually enemies portray their enemies as evil. This is wrong, enemies are not inherently evil, they are just in disagreement of how things should be run.

We in the West believe that freedom, democracy and humanism are good things. There are other that have competing systems. That is the way it is with human beings. We all believe our model is the best.

So peace comes from looking at the systems at hand, and find the good elements in them.

Like democracy. There are good and bad things about democracy, so we need to inspire people to do the good things. If the bureaucracy starts corrupting and hiding things, making things intransperent, then we are dealing with the bad elements of democracy. If you have the freedom to act, you need a high ethical standard.

We have to remember this, when we search for peace in the Middle East. There are a number of competing systems there, and we need to align the good virtues of each system towards each other to create a positive flow.

This is difficult, and will require both patience and persistence two work. There are no easy fixes.

We have come far, by focusing on the sources of the conflict between Israel and “Palestine”. Making peace with Egypt and the rest of the Sunni Arab countries. (Egypt is originally not Arab, but Egyptian, but they are allied).

We can do the same with Iran, I know people are against it. But so far, we have not had any atomic bombs over Tel Aviv. We should not be stupid, but if there is an opportunity for peace, we should take it.

This is how Israel should act; as a peace maker.

G-d bless Israel.

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