There has been a lot of discussion about the aim and the purpose of the foreign policy of the Obama administration. Mr. Trump says, at one hand, that it is absolutely without aim, at the other hand the EU administration has just admitted that the policies are much deeper and better than their own!

Well, one cannot be true without the other.

I am not the only one Mr. Obama listens to, there are others, so it is not only my advice that has been heeded. But in the Arab spring Obama and I were pretty much inseparable, and the idea behind the fight against IS were strategic considerations that we both agreed on.

Many people see Obama as against Israel, this is absolutely and totally wrong, he just believes in the same values as the liberal camp in Israel. He wants peace, and to his credit you must be open to the fact, that Obama has never really engaged in the fights between the Gazans and Israel, giving Israel a wide berth here. If he had supported the Palestinians more, the last intifada (that with the bombs) would have been devastating.

He has held on to the idea, that the peace process should be met at the source. This was the entire idea behind making peace with Iran.

If you zoom out a bit, you will find the basic fight that we are in right now; the reclaiming of Western values.

What is so terrible about IS? It is the fact that they hate democracy, and love the caliphate. So the fight against them is much more than just a fight against terror, it is at the same time, a fight for our own values.

And this is what it basically all about; the reclaiming of our own values.

In a world where western interest are threatened and we are loosing ground, we should both put up an ideological as well as a physical defence.

That is crux of the strategies that I have made, and that has influenced Barack a lot; the rise of the West again.

So we have defined the enemy; the Islamic State, and has put together a wide alliance behind it. It has been so strong, that the problems we have had with Russia, that could have developed into a third world war, was eased out by the fact, that we are kin, and we are fighting for the same basic ideas.

The world according to Samuel Huntington is a world where civilisations fight, and we have sought to strengthen our own civilisation, and we have failed in some areas, but also won a lot. Egypt is now a democracy, we have brought momentary peace to Israel, we have changed the mindset of the Europeans, we have forged a friendship with Russia that was extremely important in the wake of the last crisis.

All in all, we are poised for a comeback as a civilisation, if the next president knows how to play his cards wisely.

Not to mention that we have done all this while saving money and making jobs.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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