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There has been a renewed discussion of the economic skills of the great Us of A. Well there is no discussion that the skills are there, the discussion is just; how does that translate into jobs?

First of all, the Republicans, and most of the Democrats does not really seem to understand the underlying philosophical discussion under what we today have come to term “Obamanomics”.

Remember the last election fight, when mr. Romney was deemed “outsourcer in chief”? Before that election campaign, no-one had discussed the outsourcing as a problem, because there were no theoretical basis to do that from. We made that, Obama and I, and that saved not only the American economy, but also the British, because mr. Cameron got the tools as well, and has made a resurgence of the british economy too.

What is it, that made this possible.

It is, as then stated, a discussion on the two books of Adam Smith. Smith developed the free trade ideas, that drove most of the expansion of British empire. In its core, it argues, that free trade will enhance the overall production and consequently wealth for all who are in the free trade zone.

This is off cause true, and no-one doubts it. We saw it in the crisis of the thirties where trade barriers were put up, here the overall production simply fell, and the wealth and jobs fell away as well.

Then a war came, and that motivated the production again.

But there is another book of Adam Smith, that I have pointed too, that misses its application. Coming from a philosophical world, I know that freedom always goes hand in hand with responsibility. If you have no responsibility to anything, then the freedom you have will make you weightless and disconnected. It is the freedom from something that gives the feeling of freedom.

So, usually there is a kind of trade off or balance in the equation between freedom and ethics.

Being a philosopher, Adam Smith off cause knew the same, so I looked for the ethical part of his philosophy, and found it in his works on moral sentiment.

Smith really was a brilliant philosopher, and he had the balance in his philosophy, we just did not understand it well enough to really implement it. This is our current problem.

So what does Smith say about ethics? He says that the moral sentiment must be attached to the nation to work. In other words, while there is free trade among the nations, there should be a loyalty between those who produce goods and the nation. This is the key, and that is the current problem. When American manufacturers moves production to China, the US looses wealth.

It is not good for China either, because if the system is ruined, then there will be no-one for them to sell their goods too. So it is in all nations interest to keep a sound an loyal production base. In fact, it is a vital a part of the Smithsonian equation as free trade.

So this is the key, and unfortunately it has only worked to some degree, and not all the way through. It needs to be reinforced, with good measure off cause.

Businesses should feel appreciated, there should tax reduction for those business that keep their production in the US, and so on. Use your imagination and it is quite simple to make it happen.

A stronger focus on patriotism overall would also help, be a bit more patriotic, let the flag unfurl again and be happy with your great nation, because in all fairness, you should, because it is so great.

G-d bless United States of America.

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