There was a time when we philosophers did our best to kill G-d. Remember? When Nietzsche told the story about the man that came down from the mountains and told some people that he met, that G-d is dead. Have´nt you heard?

These days it is the other way around, we try our best, we strive, we sacrifise ourselves to make G-d alive again. To prove his existence, to give him a platform, to make people believe again.

Have´nt you heard? G-d is alive. Read it on this blog, and rejoice in the fact, that you are not alone, spirit will carry you to your final destination, and after that he will carry you in his arms to a place of joy.

Then why? Why is it, that we do this? As our civilization is threatened, some will ignore it, but there are a few people, that will stand their ground. People who have not given up, who still stand by their culture and will fight and sacrifise themselves. They are the last of the last, the fine line between obliteration and renewal.

We do it, because if we do not believe in our culture and our values, then we are finished.

That is what it is basically all about; faith. Faith in our values, in our system, in our religions, in our G-ds.

And it will be by the measure of the strenght of that faith, that we will be either doomed or saved.

G-d bless the wisdom of Socrates and Jesus Christ, the redeemers. (Said as a Jew)

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