Nordic summit

There is a great Nordic summit going on in Washington right now, probably the accustomed Washingtonians do not think much of it, after all, things like these happen all the time.

But, instead of just letting it pass as another thing in the endless parade of international occurrences happening in DC, lets have a look at it at a deeper level.

You came from us, remember? When our great, great grandfathers took a single ticket on one of those crammed boats, braved the prairie, plowed the earth, that had never been plowed before. Dying, surviving making a new home in an often hostile world.

My great, great grandfathers brother became a known academic a hundred years ago. His children became American, and were not Danes anymore, except for the memory of a fatherland long forgotten, but still the roots are there.

This is what it is about. A shared memory, and a shared history. Because my great, great grandfathers brother he had his roots here. In Denmark, and that reflects on the culture of the US today, as it is a memory in Denmark still, loosing so many sons and daughters in a time of scarcity.

In these internet times, things seem to go the other way again. The great Democratic party seems to have had a path to the source of their own shared history with the Danes, and my G-d is that a healing thing!

To feel the connection to what you are, the culture that, in many ways, spawned your own.

We are friends, more than just friends, we are family, and as family we stick together.

This shared destiny, is, I hope, deeper than just flags hanging on poles, or empty promises, it is a shared path. A path we trod down on together.

We are not perfect, often we do things wrong, but we have values, and we have a shared destiny, for now, and in the bright future.

G-d bless the great nation of the United States of America.

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