Now, we have been criticised a bit, Barack and I on some of the decisions we have made. Well, we are not perfect, and we have done some mistakes. That is only natural when it comes to making international decisions in an environment as difficult as the current political one.

It is not like in the 16 and 17 hundreds, where European manufacture and industrial items, weapons and intelligence were vastly superior to everybody else’s. In this world, our opponents are as skilled as we are, and often more skilled in some ares.

Fighting is extremely complex, and as a consequence the strategies must evolve.

Let me give you a historical example.

When Alexander the Great attacked the Persian empire, it was a showcase in intelligence in opposition to brute force. The persians basically commanded gigantic slave armies, and the Greek were free citizens fighting for a cause.

At the battles there were, many times over, odds stacked in favour of the Persians in an extreme numerality. 2 million persian soldiers against 50.000 Greek.

Alexander won by reinventing strategy. He put up modern positions of soldiery. Some amazing ingenuity. How could he do that? He could do it, because he represented the epitome of Greek thought. The strategies he used were developed in the Greek wars, he was supported by Aristotle, one of the wisest men in human history.

So ingenuity opposed to raw strength will win the day, if the ingenuity os good enough.

Fast forward to George Bush. What did Osama bin Laden do? He made one brilliant attack, and Bush reacted by dragging the US into two costly wars. Wars that dragged the US economy to its knees, and gave no real result. Remember, mr. Obama killed Osama bin Laden with the secret service, not using much money in comparison. So it is smartness compared to brute force.

This is the way we need to fight the jihadis. Not by using brute force, but continuing using the cold war methods that the fight with the Soviet Union gave us.

After all, that is how IS fights, by infiltrating, subterfuge, pinpoint attacks and so on.

A war fought with an elusive opponent is not won by brute force, but by fighting them with intelligence, cunning and subterfuge. Countering their recruitment, forcing our European allies to take the threat serious (we cannot fight in Europe, if the Europeans are not willing to fight), drying our their monies. But most important of all, in these internet times; winning the MORAL war.

Winning the moral war will bring us support from all around the world, because who would not fight along side us against a foe os such immoral behaviour?

That is the mindset we need to use to fight this elusive opponent. Skill, cunning and intelligence.

I think that is why the general public never really caught on to what we have done, because it is such a masterful, difficult chess fight where the overall progress is drowned in the complexities of the moves on the chessboard.

G-d bless the will to win against the terrible enemy.

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