Israel and Gaza

As i understand it, there is a deep tiredness of the problems in and around Israel when it comes to the endless attacks of Hamas and its affiliates.

This is off fully understandable, the constant conflict is unnerving and really dangerous.

Never to be able to live in peace is stressful.

So, as things evolve and peace has settled, more or less, over the Middle East, the issue with Gaza needs to be addressed somehow.

The problem about the flying bombs is the fact, that it is too expensive to develop a laser guided system as Davids sling to counter it.

The kite bombs have the same effect as the crude rockets, but it is much cheaper to produce and so it can be made endlessly.

What we could do however, is to separate Gaza from Israel.

The basic problem is, that Gaza is so close to Israel. This gives the opportunity of the Gazans to make simple, inexpensive weapons of mass destruction and use them.

So we should find somewhere else to house the Gazans. Just moving them a hundred kilometer will do the trick.

The reason why we have not been able to move them, is because the specter of apartheid hung over the international political discourse. Moving people away from each other was seen as something wrong.

Now, after South Africa has tumbled into absolute horror for the poor white people there. It seems that the problem was not Apartheid in the first place, but the animosity between blacks and whites.

Mixing blacks and whites does not solve the problem, it just displaces the problem, so that is happens on smaller scale inside the country of South Africa.

Keeping people from each other’s throat was maybe not such a bad idea after all.

Don’t get me wrong, the hateful anti black ideas of nazism and a part of South Africa is off cause wrong.

But Keeping people from getting on each other’s throat is not a bad idea.

It makes sense.

So, after the downfall of Mr. Nelson Mandelas dreams of a rainbow democracy, that I really believed was a good idea, the idea of keeping people away from each other’s throat has a comeback.

This means, that if we can somehow find a way to move the Gazans away from the Israel’s border, we can stop the conflict.

We shouldn’t be rash or inhuman, but compensate for the lost property.

Maybe find somewhere else the Gazans could live.

Just make sure, that there is a border between Israel and Gaza that is so long, that the kitebombs cannot work as a weapon.

G-d bless Israel.

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