The peace

The EU is slowly deteriorating, each individual country is loosening its allegiance, and it has even come to the point, where some countries threaten with military conflict, if the EU bureaucracy does not respect its priorities.

The drama of the UK is just one small brick in a larger picture of the downfall of the EU.

As the leading intellectual of Europe, it is off cause with the greatest worry, that I follow the negotiations, and the difficult process of disintegration.

Please understand, I am a humanist, my idea of a world is that of peace and understanding, not of conflict. That is why the downfall of the EU worries me a lot, I am a afraid that we will enter devastating conflict as when the last great power lost its grip over Europe, that of the Vatican.

In the fights between the Vatican and the Protestants, we had centuries of bloody warfare that effectuately stopped with the French rennaissance and humanists of Tubingen.

To counter the folly of the last decade, I have tried to envision a philosophy, that is wholly humanistic and at the same time both peaceful and nationalistic.

My idea about what we should enter into, as we shed the shackles of that last hundred years, is a peaceful cooperation on a national level.

The world is much smaller now than in the 21 century. When Hitler fought his war, the whole world was in the hands of Europe. Now we are just a partner among many. So the infighting does not make much sense.

But a central coordination is not how Europe works, it works, and should work, on a local, national level.

There is no doubt, that the European Union will survive in some form, but it will not survive as a all powerful entity as it is now.

One way or another it will have to shed its power.

At the end the day, it is not about my ideas or the power of the European continent. It is about the wellbeing of the citizens.

The citoyen as the battle cry went in the French Revolution.

Remember that, the citizens, and see their needs as your own, and serve, not rule. Please, do not make the same mistakes as the Roman church did when it tried to rule with flames, or the Russians, all it ends up with is war.

The Europeans want their freedom, and they are both entitled to it, as well as the fact it is their continent. It is not mine, it is not the politicians, it is not the military’s, it is not the capitals, or the banks or the agriculture’s, its the peoples.

G-d bless the will to see this conflict through with the aim of peace.

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