The humanities

Humanism is a strange thing. Being a true believer in humanism, I believe, that the essence of humanism needs to be treated on an enlightened basis.

The problem however is the fact, that humanism begun as an apocryphal ideology and to some degree still is hidden.

I mean, there are all these humanistic symbols in the US, UK and France all over. Egyptian sphinx, pyramids. Washington D.C. is one big Egyptian planned city.

Yet there is no temple there apart from the memorial temples.

That is both a strength and a weakness, a strength because then the persecution and ridicule is often not so strong, but a weakness because the education systems do not support a development of humanistic thought.

It is STILL the realm of independent philosophers as me.

I mean, I feel pretty alone trying to support and help all the humanists, and I do not see any other humanist philosophers popping up.

Maybe it was time for the great humanistic schools to make a little room for the humanists?

Yes I know, that we are strange magickal creature from the dark of society. That we do not hold academic ways to be of any real value, trying to find the academic truths outside the normal ways and not inside the peer reviewed world of academia.

I love to read ancient hermetic litterature and love digging into magickal treatises. But that is what hermetism, cabbalism and thus humanities really are.

Somehow academia has forgotten its true roots, and seem to keep churning on smaller and smaller bits of unnourishing fatless food.

The truth is, that there goes an unbroken line of thought from here over the rennaisance, through the Roman and Hellenic world back to Babylonia and ancient Egypt.

We are still founding our ideas on the work of the mystery temples of Heliopolis. Still the light of the spirit Ra is at the heart of our society.

Why not recognize these ideas, and support them even in broad daylight?

Maybe that is what we need, an antidote to the superficialities of the modern world, a recognition of the ancient sailor as he is unmoored in the raging seas.

Pull him in, put him on a throne, so that we can learn from his wisdom of the blackened seas.

G-d bless the wisdom of the ancients.

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