It is now time to sum up the work of mr. Obama. Has he been such a catastrophe, or has he been a glorious leader?

The answer is, that he has been a thoroughly, industrious and even illustrious leader.

When he inherited the reins from mr. Bush, the US of A was in a dire situation indeed. The scars from the cold war were not healed, and the new foe; islamists were not fought decisively with the strategy that mr. Bush had. It cost a lot of money, and it only stalled the time when the islamists would return to the US and Europe.

This hurt the economy a whole lot, practically making the US dependent on money from China and Saudi Arabia.

That was a situation that was one step from the gutter, seriously.

This is not to criticise mr. Bush, he did show fortitude, and the attack on the Twin Towers came as a surprise, so the US was not prepared.

Now, eight years after, the US is in a completely other situation. The country is back on its feet economically, there are good practises just waiting to be implemented business wise, and the fight with the radical muslims is not under control, but at least it has a focus, and a large coalition behind it.

During the time of mr. Obama, lives were spared in the military with strategies that were cheap in all ways, and this has made it possible for the central administration to gain its feet, and prepare for the endgame; the final fight in Europe and China.

Mr. Trump is making his demands from a position of strength, and not of weakness, not only because he is a strong man, but also because mr. Obama gave him a state in order.

So what is the tally? Did Obama turn the company around for the next manager, or did he fail? Well, simply look at the numbers; excellent prospects for American business, a solid leadership position internationally, and two fights ahead, where one is sure to boost American values, not only in the US, but in the whole world.

What more do you want?

There is one thing that really is a problem however, that I should have been more aware of, and that is all the problems at the border in south. I should have implemented it in my strategies. I did not, I am sorry for that. The reason being, that I am so far away, so it is difficult to really feel what is going on in some areas. I have to be in the US to really feel what is going on.

That is the fault of the previous administration, you should have invited me. As the Brits did when i was invited to Oxford. It gives me an understanding of your way of thinking, and your strategic challenges.

But that could be a new beginning for the next administration perhaps.

G-d bless the United States of America and may he be strong again.

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