A new brave world

Ok, I have lost a great deal of power due to the change of government in the US. I supported ms. Clinton, because I was afraid mr. Trump would destroy the American democratic institutions. So far this is not the case, and so I was wrong.

This leaves those who listen to me some different alternatives. They can stop listening, they can realise that my power has diminished, or they can believe it is the same.

I would just do the second.

This does not mean that the democratic wave of humanistic ideas stops. On the contrary, mr. Trump is actually a firm adherent of my ideas in the sense, that he follows them faithfully. But he wants to do things his own way.

Well, I of course respect that, and that is always the choice of a reader to use the ideas I have or not.

However, we still do have a problematic situation in Europe to deal with, and it will evolve into an all out war in the presidency of mr. Trump. No doubt about that. It will also be a war that is led by IS, so it will be a problem.

For Europe, I would recommend walking along the lines that i have already put out; fighting for democracy in the face of islamism.

The idea was to make a soft landing after the EU falls apart, making a net of parties in Europe that is adamantly democratic and adamantly against islamism. This is, more or less in place in most major countries.

So when things start falling apart each country will be able to carry on in a civilised manner.

It will be a brave new world, I unfortunately do not have much to say over mr. Trump. That is fair, but all the plans he is following, I have made, so in a sense it does not matter much.

My role as an international peace broker, philosopher and strategist is not at its end, but really just beginning. Because now comes both the interesting and difficult part; will it work?

I sure hope so, because a lot is at stake.

G-d bless the freedom and peace we can find in the end.

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